Restoring Sugar Coated Cakery!


In the remodeling process at Sugar Coated the old
plaster was removed from the walls revealing the original
brick. This brick has unique imperfections that add to the
building's character and reveal its origins. The walls
were too beautiful to cover up, so they showcase the
history of the building and tell some of the story that has
become Sugar Coated.


As with any historic building, there are stories on its
origins and how it came to be. In the early 1900s the building
was a coffee and tea house. In later years, it became a
local tavern. It then evolved into a cake shop where classes
were taught on cake design, and cake supplies were sold.
Now, Sugar Coated inhabits the unique walls of
52 E. Washington St. and creates special memories everyday.

The Lot

In recent years, fire ravaged the building next to us at
54 E Washington, and it became an empty lot.
We have purchased this lot, and in the Spring of 2012
construction will start on an outdoor patio. The patio will host
a fountain and seating for the patrons of Sugar Coated to
enjoy their treats and utilize the Wi-Fi.

Our Location

We are located at 52 E. Washington St. in Shelbyville, IN. We are in the downtown historic region just off the square located near the post office and Shelbyville News. We provide indoor café style seating in a relaxing, quiet atmosphere. In the spring of 2012 there will be ample outdoor seating with our 1600 sq foot cobblestone patio with fountain. Come in and take some time for yourself, whether it is a lunch break or simply a five minute coffee break. Wi-Fi Internet access is available.

Tin Ceiling

The ceiling in Sugar Coated dates back to the 1800s. The tin ceiling was removed and entered a process of restoration. The 6-8 layers of paint had to be baked off, and the tiles were stripped down to the original tin enhancing their beautiful architectural features. This state was so fragile that climate then caused rusting almost immediately. Therefore, a layer of paint similar in color to the original tin was then applied. The ceiling at Sugar Coated is now timeless and beautiful.